Lake Jackson Dental Crowns


Dental crowns are one of the best methods to saving and securing teeth. At Lake Jackson Dental Care, we have had patients in need of a dental crown due to problems caused by accidents, stress to teeth, cavities, or time.

Dental crowns are caps specially designed and constructed for a patient’s specific tooth and to perfectly fit the specified location. Our Lake Jackson dentist ensures the cap looks exactly like the surrounding teeth and that it fits properly and securely. The dental cap is placed over an entire tooth and secured by a dental adhesive to remain in place indefinitely.


A dental crown placed by our Lake Jackson dentists serves multiple purposes. A crown is placed only after the original tooth has been prepared by the dentist. If there is a cavity, it will require the removal of the infected area(s), or if it is fractured, then it could require some of the same methods of dentistry, such as shaving to create a solid surface.

As mentioned previously, the crown is utilized as a dental cover that protects the original tooth from further issues, such as decay, injury, or breaking. In order to restore the functionality of the original tooth, whether a molar or an incisor, the dental crown restores strength to the original tooth allowing it to continue serving its specific purpose.

Since a dental crown is used only for restoration purposes, it also helps improve the appearance of the teeth and the patient’s overall smile. Patients with a dental crown should treat it as an actual tooth. Brushing twice daily, along with rinsing and flossing, is required.


There are various reasons for a dental crown. Ultimately, the dentist will recommend either a dental crown or a different dental procedure. Here are some of the more common reasons our patients receive a dental crown:

Tooth Decay - This is the most common reason for a dental cap. Due to poor dental hygiene or an enduring battle with a cavity, a dental crown is used to restore the tooth as to keep the patient from receiving a root canal or a dental implant. This is a situation where the patient must act timely as to not allow the cavity to worsen and require more extensive and expensive action. The dentist shaves away the affected areas and then glues a dental crown into place.

Fractured Tooth - Accidents happen and when it happens to a patient’s tooth, it is best to act quickly. A fracture in a tooth can lead to further damage, either by enabling a cavity to take root or by having the tooth suffer more fractures and chips. Placing a dental crown over this tooth will ensure neither takes place.

Large Filling - If a large dental filling must be replaced, but leaves little of the original tooth, then it is commonly best to have a dental crown take its place.

Weak Tooth - Not every tooth is as strong as others. If a patient has a weak tooth, either due to time, stress, or genetics, our dentist may recommend it be covered by a dental cap in order to save the tooth from fracture.

Bad Tooth - Some of our patients have had teeth grow in unseemly fashions. They may be discolored or misshapen. Often, our dentist recommends covering it with a dental crown, especially if it is visible when the patient smiles.


If you noticed that one of your teeth suffers from the aforementioned issues, then you may be in need of a dental crown. Approximately 15 million Americans have undergone some type of dental crown or dental replacement procedure. Our dental staff at Lake Jackson Dental Care is prepared to schedule your free dental crown consultation. Contact us today at 979 - 297 - 5151.