How You Can Get A Beautiful Smile With Invisalign

how does invisalign work

How You Can Get A Beautiful Smile With Invisalign

What's the first thing you'll notice when speaking to a person? Their teeth. Teeth are some of the most exposed facial features that people will see in everyday interaction. In trying to keep a good appearance to the public, you'll also need to pay attention to how your teeth looks. There's probably nothing more deflating to your self-confidence than showing imperfect teeth every time you speak.

On the other hand, a sparkling, gleaming smile can make a great first impression. A beautiful smile can certainly enhance one's facial profile, and a properly-positioned set of white pearlies can boost self-esteem in many ways. A good dentist with a good understanding of the Invisalign process can address aesthetic teeth problems such as gaps, crowding, a bad bite and misalignment. But, first things first- what is Invisalign, and how does Invisalign work towards providing you straighter, more appealing teeth?

Invisalign and You

Invisalign is a modern dental innovation designed to help people get straighter teeth. It's one of the most popular dental options available for patients who have dental issues they'd like to have corrected. Invisalign makes use of a clear, smooth and comfortable thermoplastic aligners similar to that of teeth-whitening trays. Invisalign has one fundamental difference, and that the material is virtually invisible (as the name implies). This property makes it preferable to metal braces and other teeth equipment used to straighten teeth; there are no wires to tighten and no metal brackets to attach. Moreover, the treatment is shorter than most; it only takes approximately 12 months for completion with most adults.

Who Needs The Invisalign Treatment?

  • The Invisalign treatment is applicable to people of all ages. Primarily, Invisalign is a better alternative to braces. People who want a straighter teeth without dealing with painful, uncomfortable metal braces can choose Invisalign treatment. It can also treat different conditions such as crossbites, underbites, overbites, crowded teeth and gapped teeth, as long as they aren't severe dental cases.
  • Crowding happens when the teeth sit sideways and overlap each other. There are some instances where a tooth protrudes more than its neighbors. Crowded teeth are difficult to floss and they look unappealing on a visual level.
  • Crossbite happens when the teeth don't bite down as they should.
  • Underbite happens when an individual's lower teeth are prominently protruding forward, or when their upper teeth are too far back.
  • Overbite happens when an individual's upper front teeth are sticking out prominently over their lower teeth.
  • Spacing happens when a person's teeth are small and not well-proportioned. There are some instances where there are large teeth gaps that make biting more difficult than usual.

How Does Invisalign Work?

Invisalign is customized for your teeth only. It is designed in a way to gently move and straighten your teeth over time to the right position. The movement is efficient and comfortable. The process starts with the usual alignment process, with slight adjustments spread over the next few phases usually about 2 weeks apart. During stages, a different set of aligners are introduced, with the teeth movement determined by the personalized Invisalign treatment process. For the patient, it's as easy as wearing a different Invisalign week after week until the treatment is completed. Unlike braces, you can remove the Invisalign appliance when you wish to eat or brush your teeth at night without impedances.

Invisalign Benefits:


There's little to no interference to speak of in your daily routine. You can take the dental appliance when it's time to eat or drink, or when it's time to brush. Then, simply pop it back in for the treatment to continue. Imagine being able to get the benefits of braces without the discomfort and the pain.


Braces might work in the long term, but wearing it could prove to be inconvenient and unappealing. The sight of metal on teeth might put some people off. Invisalign is an invisible dental appliance that you can put on anytime. No one will notice that it's there. The material is flexible and invisible. With Invisalign, you can do everything without having to be self-conscious all the time. You won't have to worry about your smile as you talk, eat and mingle with people. They won't be aware that you're wearing corrective dental appliances at all.


There's a host of potential health issues when a person decides to go for teeth braces. There's a chance of teeth discoloration, mouth sores, plaque buildup and tooth decay while the metal wires are in place. Invisalign avoids all those potential problems because they can be removed anytime. Dental health will not be impeded when an individual decides to go for the Invisalign treatment. They can still brush their teeth, floss and apply mouthwash as desired. These practices help in finally achieving that healthy, great-looking teeth and gums.

Happy Life

Braces can definitely get in the way of your career and social life. You'll need every asset and all that training to ace that job interview or job promotion, and that includes having a winning smile. You will need to exude a commanding presence in the room during meetings, and employees staring at your braces won't help much with confidence. Teenagers and adults won't have to be self-conscious whether to smile or not. Kids are less likely to be teased or made fun of in school and in peer interaction. Wearing Invisalign does not intrude with your social and personal life. You can continue to be who you are and who you want to be with this innovative dental appliance.

Invisalign Is All You Need

Bringing beautiful, aligned smiles to people is what we're good at. Don't hesitate to contact us and schedule an appointment to get your very own Invisalign treatment plan today. In choosing Invisalign, you start on the path to getting great teeth and living a better life. Get only dental experts who are well-versed with the Invisalign process. We are here to answer all questions and concerns you may have with Invisalign.

So why choose traditional braces to correct your teeth alignment when you can get something better? Invisalign is the better approach to crafting that beautiful, confident smile. Our experience and expertise will lead you towards a brighter future. Experience a life-changing dental transformation now with the Invisalign treatment. 

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