Is it true ceramic braces are better than metal braces

The various orthodontic options available to the patient in lake jackson

Are Ceramic Braces Better Than Metal Braces

Inter-connected steel wires and brackets supporting the teeth. This is the image that forms in our minds when we hear the word "braces". But today's technology has made braces much less invasive and more aesthetic. You may have been given the alternative of wearing ceramic braces instead of the traditional wire and bracket one, to which the next question is- are ceramic bracers better than metal? Get more information about one of the best alternatives to metal braces. Read up on what the benefits and disadvantages are when considering ceramic braces.

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Ceramics Versus Metal Braces

Ceramic braces were introduced to the public since the 80s and had a different name then- clear braces. The idea behind it was for a less visible type of brace. The best feature about ceramic braces is its ability to provide a more cosmetic and aesthetic appeal. In regards to the size they are about the same as metal braces. The braces in ceramics are either clear or teeth-colored material, which further hides it from plain view. Conscious individuals may even opt for clear wires to erase the evidence of wearing braces completely.

Advanced orthodontics now offer an option for a faster, nearly invisible and maintenance-free treatment. But for some reason metal braces are still a viable option. There are quite a few reasons why metal braces are still available today. First, metal braces are still excellent at keeping teeth straight and your bite in alignment. If one doesn't mind the sight of metal braces, then they can still choose traditional methods for straightening the teeth.

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Ceramic Braces Benefits

Ceramic braces have evolved to bring you many advantages:

Durable. Ceramic braces are tougher and more durable than they sound, especially if they are made with high-quality material. The invisible brackets stay on your teeth as well as the metal bracket variants when they are bound with plasma lighting. Moreover, ceramic braces are resistant against breaking and chipping even when used daily.

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Unobtrusive. Ceramic braces won't be noticed unless the wearer calls attention to it. There are many types of braces and brackets for the ceramic model. You can choose from semi-translucent ones if you have white pearly teeth or teeth-matching color ceramics for non-white teeth. These are designed to blend in and make the braces almost invisible.

Non-Staining. Invisible braces used plastic back in the days, which caused stains during regular wearing. The ceramic material in braces don't stain so easily. Advances in orthodontics have made it possible.

More Comfortable. The feeling of metal against your teeth can be discomforting for almost all individuals, but not so with ceramic braces. The ceramics also cause less irritations for your gums.

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Faster Results. Ceramic braces are much more effective when it comes to aligning teeth as compared to plastic ones such as Invisalign. Get results much faster and get straighter teeth sooner.

Ceramic Braces Drawbacks

Here are the drawbacks listed so you can make an informed decision:

More Expensive. The cost of concealment is higher if you choose ceramic braces. Plus, ceramics are bulkier than their metal counterparts.

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More Susceptible to Pressure. The brackets themselves are weaker than metal and therefore can break when too much pressure is applied. This type of braces isn't recommended for patients who require extensive teeth correction treatment, as they may not hold up to the forces in some dental treatment.

The various orthodontic options available to the patient in lake jackson

Porous Material. Instead of metal brackets, ceramic braces use white or clear ligatures to keep the braces in place. The ligatures themselves are rubber bands, and could potentially stain because they're porous. The elastics themselves don't show up all on the front, and constant visits will replace the old bands with new, clear ones.

Higher Maintenance. Constant maintenance is key to keeping your teeth healthy, and it's the same whether you're wearing metal or ceramic braces. Brushing is immediately required after each and every meal to keep the ligatures from staining. Brushing twice a day produces the best results, with optional flossing and rinsing to go with it.

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Should I Get Metal or Ceramic?

We get so many choices nowadays that it's often more confusing than helpful. The question of whether you should get metal or ceramic will depend on several factors:

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The severity of tooth crookedness or severity of your bite.

  • If you will need jaw surgery
  • If you will need extractions
  • If special appliances or headgear are necessary
  • How much your budget is
  • How long are you willing to wear braces
  • How long will you need to wear to correct your teeth problems


Your orthodontist or dentist's recommendations

There are some other personal factors to consider. Would you feel self-conscious while wearing metal braces in public? Are you more in aesthetic appeal, or care more for the best results? Your dentist will also know what's best considering your teeth factors, and should recommend the right type of braces for you. The final option is a combination of what should work best and your personal preferences.

Specialized dentists, or orthodontists offer both types of braces to their patients. The most popular ceramic brands are the Transcend and Clarity (both created by 3M Unitek) and Mystique (created by GAC). The type of brace will ultimately depend upon the work needed to correct the teeth and/or bite problem. Usually, it's the patient who has the final say in the matter. It's worth saying that the benefits that a ceramic brace could bring more than outweigh the cost and drawbacks. The length is not too much, and the dental hygiene and practice required to maintain the ceramic braces will carry on towards building a healthy habit. With or without braces, a patient will learn how to keep his or her teeth healthy, clean and stain-free.

Ceramic braces are now an option for the conscious adult, teen or children who still want their teeth and bite straight without the use of traditional braces. Here at Lake Jackson dental offices, all patients receive customized dental care and services to meet their needs. You'll be in good hands with our friendly orthodontists who specialize in expert dental treatment. Contact us now and learn more on how ceramic braces can help you get straighter teeth. Our affordable treatment and excellent services will surely make you smile!